Photo Restoration

How do you turn something old into something new? Do you have a photograph that is faded or damaged? Do you have boxes of old photographs that need to be scanned and digitized. Would you like to view your images on your TV or computer. We can scanned and color correct at a very reasonable cost as low as 20cents each.

If you would like your images setup as a Life DVD, we can add narration or just music. most work can be reviewed through this web site. If you have questions or want a price you can review the price sheet or contact me for a free estimate.


Basic scanning with color correction 20 cents per image minimum 100 images. with lite dust and scratch removed 40 cents per image 50 minimum. Custom work heavy removal of torn, painting, extractions, body shaping, skin tones, scratched, folded water damaged the hourly rate will apply ($55).

Slide and Photos Scanning
Slide/Photo Transferred to DVD untouched  .30 each
Slide/Photo Transferred to DVD basic color adjustment  .35 each
Slide/Photo Transferred to DVD lite dust and scratch remove  .40 each
Slide/Photo Transferred to DVD medium dust and scratch remove  .50 each
Slide/Photo Transferred to DVD heavy dust and scratch remove   *1.00 each +

Custom work
Correcting exposures, water marks, adjusting, adding or extracting images, perspective cropping, *color resuscitation, blemishes and winkles, hair patching, skin smoothing, eyes teeth, body shaping, soft touch, color to B&W, tinting, photo framing, collage, text panels, back drops, color swapping, creating icons.                55.00 per hour
Most work completed in 1 hour or less, *color resuscitation takes a little longer depending on how faded the is.

Specialty work
Collage, combining photo of your events. Post card to poster size

Retouching and or Repair
Price list                   Time         Type of damage            Rate
Photo Restoration     1 to 2hr    Torn/Ripped/Water      55.00 per hour
Painting                    1 hr          B&W to Color                55.00 per hour
Torn, ripped, folded, parts of picture missing must have at least 2/3 of image to be repairable, water damage

* No guarantee photo can be fully corrected

To view sample images click here Carl127 before Carl127 After